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Work in Diam (Public Authority for Water)

The Human Resources of Diam (The Public Authority for Water) are the main assets upon which our strategies are built.

The main objective of our Human Resources policy is to continually develop our employees’ knowledge and know-how, in order to better serve Omani citizens by providing this essential service to all: drinking water.

Why working at Diam?

With the employees, Diam operates all over the Sultanate and finds itself at the heart of the major challenges of the 21st century, as far as social, societal, economic, and environmental development are concerned. By joining Diam, you get the chance to participate in the creation of solutions to these major collective challenges for the Sultanate, in a wide range of activities ranging from asset planning and design & construction, to water system operations and customer services. These activities require a wide range of skills and know-how, and we welcome a wide range of qualification levels and specialities.

How is it to work in Diam?

In this context of huge challenges and changes in our organization and our way to manage drinking water, Diam is a place where initiatives are welcome, at a time when many things are being created, designed and implemented. You will find it a challenging environment that will give you the opportunity to make things happen under a spirit of customer service, value creation for the country, and responsibility at all levels.

How will my career go in Diam?

Together with huge efforts put on the development of trainings tailored to our specific context and needs, as well as in line with international best practices and standards, the learning culture is turning into a major aspect of Diam culture. This learning culture is accompanied by the development of comprehensive competency based career paths that provide employees with the possibility to evolve at their individual pace within the organization.

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