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Our services 

1. Our services The water services provided by PAEW may concern:

  •  Your connection,
  •  Your bill and consumption
  •  Your meter

1.1 Our services related to your connection

1.1.1  Request for a new connection
The request for a connection to the Public network is your first step towards PAEW.
As a general rule, only one connection will be allowable for one single property, premise or building with a single ownership title. However, multiple connections may be authorized after PAEW written approval and only for specific situations, such as buildings with more than one staircase, industrial sites, etc.

Our customers’ categories eligible to a new connections are:
  •  Domestic customers: for residential and domestic usage only;
  •  Non domestic customers: for any agricultural, commercial, fisheries or industrial activities;
  •  Government: for State authorities and administrations or public service entities (the payer being a governmental entity).

Temporary connection

If you build your house or building, PAEW offers a provisional contract for your water connection. To subscribe:
1.   Please prepare the following documents:

  • Copies of ID Card, Ownership landlord, and sketch (and a pledge for which PAEW shall not accept a high consumption complaint).
  • Approval from the municipality for Building permission.
2.   Go to your nearest branch View Branch Location

Definitive connection

However, if you want to hook up permanently in our network,  you must:
1. Prepare the documents relevant to your situation:
Individual Connection:

  •  Copies of ID Card, Owner ship landlord, and sketch (krokey and mulkeya).
  •  Approval from the municipality for water connection.

Additional connection:

  •  Copies of ID Card, Owner ship landlord, and sketch.
  •  Approval from the municipality for additional connection.

Multiple Connections:

  •  Copies of ID Card, Owner ship landlord, and sketch.
  •  Approval from the municipality for the number of connections requested.

2.  Go to your nearest branch  View Branch Location
Once your request is recorded, you will receive automatically a SMS with your “ticket number”. A survey will be undertaken by our technical team in order to:
  • Approve that the required infrastructure exists and that production and distribution capacity are available. PAEW is entitled to refuse or postpone applications that do not fall under these feasibility conditions.
  • Check associated technical and sanitary risks due to the type of usage or the private network condition. PAEW is entitled to postpone an application until remedial works are carried out and proper back flow prevention device is installed, at the sole expense of the applicant.
Our PAEW Call Centre (1442) will contact you within 10 days after the date of submission of your request to inform you on the decision related to your request.
Connection Works and Fees

Our technical team will contact you to offer you 3 quotations for the connection works. You may have ConnectionWorksandFeesthe possibility to pick another contractor if it is registered with PAEW. The Contractor you have chosen will have to come to PAEW  to pay the service charge fee based on your meter size. The connection works are at your own charge and have to be paid directly by yourself. Once the payment is done a ticket will be open to launch the connection works which should be finalized.
The current connection fees are currently as follows and may change with the approval of the Ministry of Finance:
1.1.2- Disconnection and Reconnection on your   request Disconnection   
As the owner of the house which is connected to the Public network, you may need to request a disconnection service for a certain period of time for personal reasons.

To request a disconnection you need to :

1. Visit one of our Customer Service Branch Offices to fill in the "Request for Service Disconnection Form" and proceed to the payment fee (currently 30 OMR).

The following documents will be required:
  •  “Request for Service Disconnection Form” filled and signed,
  •   If you are the tenant, a letter of the owner of the property,
  •   Copy of identification card of the applicant,
  •   Copy of the ownership of the property,
  •   Latest bill paid


Once you want to get back the water supply service, you may proceed with the same procedure as mentioned above. The reconnection fee is also charged at 30 OMR.
1.1.3 - Disconnection for non-payment

Your water service may be disconnected by OIFC or ONEIC for non-payment. Ensure that you regularly pay your bills. Even if you do not receive it, you are responsible of the payment for your own consumption.

 If you contest the disconnection or if it is delayed, you may contact directly OIFC or ONEIC.  ,

There is currently no fee for disconnection and reconnection done by OIFC and ONEIC. However a charged may be applied if the disconnection has to be done by PAEW at the main line. The fee is 30 OMR to disconnect and 30 OMR to reconnect.

1.2 Our services related to your bill and your customer account

1.2.1 How to read your bill?
You want to know more about the details of your bill? You wonder about the payment period or consumption rates? Check out these topics:
  • The itemized bill
  • The payment deadline
  • Tariffs

The itemized bill

Our Agencies OIFC and ONEIC provide a bill which is a simplified and monthly invoice detailing the information for billing of water and sanitation (only in Muscat Governorate).
Here are some guidelines to facilitate understanding your bill:
  • Always ensure the accuracy of your name and address;
  • Pay attention to the date for payment;
  • Check that water and sewerage (in Muscat only) are billed on the same month and the same period;
  • Check the time of consumption and meter reading records;
  • View detailed billing: slices, tariffs, other fees;
  • Read some custom messages that inform you of new services offered.
For our customers who live in Muscat Governorate, they may look at the following link managed by
The deadline for payment

The deadline for payment is indicated on your invoice. Beyond that date, the default will result in suspension of supplies. For more detailed information, please look at the detailed policy related to the late payment management (PAEW Regulations).
The tariff

Your consumption of water is divided into slices corresponding to specific rates. Rates vary from one slice to another. The more you consume, the more expensive the price.
Consumption brackets are detailed in the table below:

1.2.2  How to pay your bill?

As a Private customer, you will have to pay your bill to one of OIFC or ONEIC offices. Here the links with these 2 Agencies:

OIFC:        ONEIC:

1.2.3  High bill consumption?
In case of high bill consumption, PAEW invites you to:
  • Check if there is no leakage in your internal network. You can do it yourself ! For that, you just have to close all the taps and look at the meter. If it is running, you may have a leakage. This leak may be hidden in the ground or the walls or at the level of your tank on the roof.
  • Contact one of our Branch Offices. Our Customer representatives will analyze your billing history and in case of normal consumption, a check-up of your internal network (after the meter) will be proposed to you free of charge.
If you have a leakage, you will have to repair it as soon as possible. Your bill will be reviewed according to the procedure in service.
1.2.4  Customer account
After the connection works, the data of your customer account and meter have been sent to our Agency (OIFC if you live in Muscat Governorate or to ONEIC in other case). OIFC or ONEIC will organize the reading of your meter every 30 days at the same date and will send you your bill with the sewerage service charge if you are connected to the network managed by Haya Water. 
If you are the owner of the premises which is connected to the PAEW network you may request to update these data for the following reasons:
  •  Correct Name or Address
  •  Customer Category Change
  •  Change Ownership
In the cases mentioned above, we invite you to visit one of our Customer Service Branch Offices with the relevant documents: National ID Card, municipality documents, mulkeya, etc. Please contact the Call Centre for more details.

1.2.5  Contract termination
You may terminate your contract at any moment, on your written request, under the following conditions:
  • A contradictory meter reading is carried out in order to calculate the closure bill;
  • You pay all remaining due amounts with no delay.
PAEW may decide to terminate a contract for different reasons detailed in the PAEW’ Regulations (By-Law).
Until the contract termination, you remains liable for any event related to the connection in which his responsibility may be determined.

For more details related to your bill or customer account, do not hesitate to get in any of our offices or contact the Customer Service Call Centre at 1442. Have a look also to the PAEW Regulations (By-Law).
1.3  Our services related to your meter

As a Customer, you may have some requests related to your meter location or meter size. If you discover that your meter is damaged, please contact one of our Branch Offices to launch the necessary actions.

Relocate your meter

For different reasons, you have to relocate your meter from inside to outside your property, from ground to wall, from one place to another more convenient place.

Request initiated by you

If you need to relocate your meter for personal reasons, we invite you to visit one of our Branch Offices and ask for this relocation with your ID card if you are the owner or with a letter signed by the owner if you are a tenant.  A “ticket” will be open to launch a survey. If the survey is positive (relocation possible), the works will be done by one of the specialist contractors registered with PAEW. No specific fee is required.

Request initiated by PAEW

For technical  reasons such as meter reading not possible because the meter is underground, PAEW may relocate your meter. The works will be done free of charge for you.
1.3.2  Replacement of your meter on your demand

Your meter may be damaged. Please visit as soon as possible one of our Branch Offices and ask for a meter replacement with the evidence of the damage (picture). A survey will be done by our technical team to identify the reason of this damage and the meter will be replaced and your billing account adjusted according to the Procedure.

For more details related to your meter, do not hesitate to get in any of our offices or contact the Customer Service Call Centre at 1442. Have a look also to the PAEW Regulations (By-Law).