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New water tariff announced for government, commercial and industrial customers

Published on 15/03/2016

Mohammed Al Yahyaee: No change in tariff for residential customers.

Based on the statement of the Ministry of Finance on the country budget 2016, containing a package of measures that seek to improve the contribution of non-oil revenues and which include the electricity & Water prices for government, commercial and industrial uses Mohammed Ali Al Yahyaee, Senior Manager of Operations and Control in Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW), said that the authority will activate new price for water consumption in government , commercial and industrial uses starting from the invoice of March 2016. Al Yahyaee pointed that the new tariff will be a single slab, and the new tariff was printed on February invoice to let the customers be aware of them.

He added that the new tariff for government consumption will be 3.5 Bz per gallon and the new tariff for commercial and industrial consumption also raised to 3.5 Bz per gallon, from the previous rate of 3 Bz per gallon.

About the objectives of the new tariff, Yahyaee pointed out that the authority is seeking through the new tariff to encourage subscribers in government, commercial and industrial sectors to reduce the use of water consumption. As per statistics the monthly consumption of these institutions are very high. He Added that the average cost of production and distribution of water is nearly 7 Bz per gallon, while the water is sold to customer at less than half the price of the cost.

Operation and control maneger of the Authority stressed that the water delivered to the citizen and resident not changed in the residential consumptionit is fixed at the price of 2 Bz for the consumption from one gallon to 5,000 gallons , and at a price of 2.5 Bz for consumption that exceeds 5,000 gallons, as the fixed price of water sold to tankers that have been adopted years ago at a price one Bz per gallon tankers, which is smaller than 700 gallons and three Bz for tankers that are larger than 700 gallons

New water tariff announced for government, commercial and industrial customers