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PAEW wins 2 awards at Oman Tech Awards 2016

Published on 03/05/2016

Public Authority for Electricity and Water wins 2 awards in the 1st edition of prestigeous Oman Tech Awards 2016 under the patronage of Information Technology Authority. PAEW won silver award in the Website (Ministries / Government Organizations) category and bronze award in the Social media – Facebook (Government category).

Grand Finale of the event was held on 2nd May 2016, at Barr Al Jissah Resort under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Rasheed bin Al Safi Al Huraibi, Chairman of the Oman Tender Board in the presence of various other dignitaries.

In this context, Hafedh Al Hassni, Communications Manager at the Public Authority for Electricity and Water said "this win comes as a translation of the efforts made by the authority in eTRansformation as per the royal directives of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said. Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW) is always trying to keep up with the rapid progress in the field of information and communication technology by using the appropriate tools and techniques to be a front runner among governmental entitees, thus providing the stakeholders with 24x7 accessible services through various channels. This is in line with the PAEW’s mission of being a world class utility.”

The website is evaluated based on 5 different criterias namely concept/creativity, technical/functionality/findability, content/structure, visual design solution/Aesthetics and Interactivity. Panel of judges checks the strategy, utility of the website in the category of business and innovative use of components. PAEW website excels in structured organization of content, ease of navigation, consistency in design and heirarchy and an intuitive interface. PAEW brand identities are maintained throughout the website to ensure consistency in design and color harmonies.

The latest version of PAEW website was launched in 2013. It provides important information about the authority, such as the roles and tasks PAEW undertake to ensure the provision of high quality, sustainable and reliable potable water and power service to all people in the Sultanate of Oman. PAEW website is designed ensuring ease of navigation and usability aspects making sure the visitors can access the information they are looking for easily.It is updated on a daily basis with press releases, announcements, tenders, and career vacancies. Various publications and multimedia material providing the customers with best ways of saving the water and other campaigns under taken by the authority are available in the website.

In December 2015, PAEW launched the 1st phase of eServices Portal “Diam” at It acts as a single window for providing all the services offered by the authority. Currently the Diam portal provides services such as providing various reports regarding usage, billing and payment. Report a leak, water cost calculator and requesting a new connection provide truly interactive experience to the end user. Diam Portal utilizes an online chat system, enabling the customer interact with an agent to enquire or solve any problem they face during their visit to the portal.

Social media channels are evaluated not merely based on the number of likes but 5 important criterias. Interactivity and high connectivity with audience, rich in description and information, prosperous content, design and style and searchabily are those important criterias.

The authority uses various channels to provide services and communicate with its customers. As a popular medium of communication among the youth of Oman, PAEW made its presence felt in all the major social media channels. The authority has strategically made accounts in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn. These @Paew_Oman channels actively interact with the community in providing tips on saving water, important announcements, covering community events and conferences etc. PAEW twitter has more than 52.5K active followers, instagram account has more than 17.5K followers. The youtube channel is having more than 45 videos of awareness campaigns and interviews.

Another important channel for communication is the 24x7 Call Center. PAEW actively advertises its Call Center Number 1442 in all its marketing materials enabling customers to easily recognize it. The Call Center mainly receives complaints, inquiries and suggestions which are handled by qualified young Omani staff who direct each call to the relevant departments and track the call till the customer is provided with a valid reply. The Call Center team is connected with various departments and all the governorates of Oman to easily provide the reply to callers.

PAEW regularly conducts campaigns to familiarize all the eChannels offered by the authority. PAEW conducted a campaign under the slogan “Reach Us – Your satisfaction is our priority”, during the end of last year to promote the elctronic channels and social media channels used by the authority. It received a great response from the public enabling them to know about various channels available to easily get in touch with PAEW.

PAEW wins 2 awards at Oman Tech Awards 2016